ChocoPerfection Brand Partnership Announcement

We're excited and proud to welcome Keto Safe's first brand partner,  ChocoPerfection !

We're excited and proud to welcome Keto Safe's first brand partner, ChocoPerfection!


ChocoPerfection is a prime example of an excellent ketogenic diet friendly and low carbohydrate brand. ChocoPerfection was started for all the right reasons by Mary Jo Kringas who is passionate about the quality and impact of her products, she truly cares and it shows.

ChocoPerfection chocolate is incredibly keto friendly and delicious, which is a rare combination! Fantastic customer service, free shipping in the United States, and a money back guarantee are just icing on the keto cake.

Is ChocoPerfection Chocolate Keto Safe?


Calories per macronutrient in ChocoPerfection Dark Chocolate.

Using ChocoPerfection Dark Chocolate as an example, 4% of it’s total calories come from net carbohydrates putting it at half of the limit set by Certified Keto Safe Standard #1.

To put into perspective how impressive that is, if you ate nothing but 2000 calories of ChocoPerfection Dark Chocolate, you would be at 20 grams of net carbohydrates for the day!

ChocoPerfection also has zero grams of naturally occurring sugars per bar, no added sugars, or hidden carbohydrates. All of this makes ChocoPerfection one of the most keto friendly desserts available.

Clay Owen